Brooke Vincent + Partners

Licence Applications


As part of our involvement with many large blocks of flats, BVP are frequently required to deal with the issue of lessees’ licences for undertaking alterations.


We regularly advise managing agents on how best to set up the structure by which lessees make application for a licence.  This includes providing forms on which to make the application as well as information sheets to help lessees understand the restrictions imposed on their works by their lease.


BVP recognise the value to a landlord in allowing lessees to improve the condition of their properties, and believe in a co-operative approach to ensure that the works are done to the benefit of the building as a whole and the other lessees.  We will meet with the lessees and their agents to discuss the proposals and provide detailed written reports, advising the managing agent as to the merits of the proposals.  We regularly tailor our service to suit the individual requirements of each managing agent.


If we can advise you further on this please contact David Sirman or Andrew Cornick.